Another New Website

2 mins

I have, yet again, neglected this site dreadfully over the last few years!

I have been meaning to rebuild it for at least a year, ever since being inspired by Jamie Tanna to take control of my own data. I even put it on my todo list, and watched it slide further and further down.

Well, Coronavirus lockdown has finally given me the time to do some actual research and get on with it. I have move away from Jekyll, not because it wasn’t working, but because I was moving away from GitHub Pages so that I can add more complexity to the site. Jekyll is a great static site generator, and I am certain that it can handle whatever I wanted to do on here. But I do like an excuse to learn something new, so I decided to use lots of new things that I have been meaning to play with!

The site is now built in Hugo using my own theme built using Tailwind CSS. The theme is based on a starter package released by Dirk Olbrich.

You can find both the theme and the site on GitHub, and unless otherwise stated all code is released under the MIT license. This does not include external libraries, such as FontAwesome.

This is all hosted on Netlify, something else I have been meaning to play with for a while.

Right now this is mostly a migration and cleanup of the existing site. I have added a h-card to the front page, and over the next few weeks I will be working to add more IndieWeb features to the site.

I also intend to write some more actual content! Starting with a few posts I have planned on my woodworking setup in my garage.