Precious Little Time

2 mins

A week or so ago I took nine days off work to do some DIY - Destroy It Yourself!

With the help of family and friends I ripped our two downstairs rooms to shreds, removing all the 70’s style decor and in-built furniture as well as a massive brick fireplace.

At least I thought it was brick, but that turned out to be a clever facade for a massive block of steel reinforced concrete! After we’d levered it from the wall we spent the best part of 3 hours breaking it up. I then found out the actual fireplace inside the chimney breast is structural, so my plan to remove it and make a nice plastered alcove went up in smoke.

I spent the rest of the week rebuilding the services, rewiring and moving the radiators. My house being my house, all the electrics were running off one socket, like having daisy chain of extension leads! I now have a nice new ring main, and lights that are earthed. With my Dad now decorating we will hopefully have the rooms finished this weekend.

All this needs paying for, so I have spent every spare minute I’ve had doing contract work to pay for it, which unfortunately means I have had little time for the Hackspace or anything else.

Tomorrow’s open hack night is a focus point for me to get myself sorted, and with the open board meeting it’s a good job too! I’ll be working with some Hackspace members to get the website up to scratch, and will hopefully find some time to work on my catapult - version 0.6. Oh yes, there has been two more versions since my last post and I’m hopeful that 0.6 will be the one, so stay tuned for an update soon!